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April 15, 2019

Acknowledging You Need Help with Brittany Burgunder

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Many people are fighting with themselves, trying unsuccessfully to manage their own lives. Whether it is depression, substance abuse, addiction, or anything really, it feels like a solo battle, but know that these people aren’t alone. There are many ways to get help, and that everyone has what it takes inside themselves to beat it. 

An extremely brave soul by the name of Brittany Burgunder is a pioneer in the fight against eating disorders after living through it herself. But, her message applies far beyond her immediate influence.

As Brittany mentions, it is a long process to get back to being okay and restoring quality of life. The first and most important step for someone is to admit they have a problem, because that can serve as the trigger and motivation for more action to take place.  

Big or small, I challenge you to take a look at yourself and see what you find. Maybe you aren’t motivated to workout, and you could use the accountability of a coach or friend. Or maybe you eat too many sweets before bed. Or maybe you do have clinical depression. Whatever it might be, the first step in the right direction is acknowledging you have a solvable problem and need help.

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