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November 29, 2019

A Week of Being Thankful

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Monday, we started off being thankful for our health. The reality is, the baseline functions of our bodies is something we should appreciate because not everyone has it. The fact that we can go through life, in minimal pain, and full autonomy is a special gift.

Tuesday, we were thankful for our comfort. The roof over our head, the clothes on our back, the water in our faucet, these basic amenities are so pivotal to our livelihood and we don’t think about how lucky we are to have these utilities. In these early winter months I have definitely have started appreciating a cozy warm bed.

Wednesday, we were thankful for our freedom. Our ability to make our own decisions, express ourselves as we see necessary, and enjoy independence is a privilege that generations of people have sacrificed for. Being mindful of the freedom we have, and understanding the cost and alternatives that exist, help me to truly be grateful for the freedom I have in my life.

Thursday, was Thanksgiving, and I was so grateful for the people in my life. I got to enjoy time with my mom, grandmother, brother, nephew sister-in law, and extended family. I received a lot of great messages and shared many of my own, just out of appreciation for the role we play in others lives. Thanksgiving is becoming one of my favorite holidays because it gives you an excuse to tell so many people that you love and care.

Friday, we finished with freedom for opportunity. Our lives are in progress, and it’s so exciting to think about our futures and everything we are yet to experience. I have faith that the perfect path is laying out before me, and I can’t wait to walk in those steps. I am grateful that every new day represents new opportunities, making life always a joy to experience.

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