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July 18, 2022

A Keystone Habit

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Something that has completely unlocked my ability to pursue my best-self, and stretch toward my potential is having a keystone habit. When you think of a pyramid, everything on top of it rests on the base. It’s the foundation. Like the pyramids of Egypt at one point there was nothing, but once you put the work in to build that first layer then there’s something tangible you can grow upon. The same goes for your habits and having a consistent, reliable, effective keystone habit will propel you to build positive habits everywhere in your life.

One way this works is through something called “habit stacking”. When you have one habit that you do frequently you can use it as a trigger for your other habits. One of the most difficult pieces to succeeding with starting a new habit is remembering to do it, bringing your awareness to remember to take the action. Your keystone habit can become that trigger that brings awareness to everything else that you want to do to improve your life.

What also happens is succeeding with one habit creates a new sense of self-belief and self-confidence. You start building momentum that carries into other areas of your life, and your success with your keystone habit makes you genuinely believe that you’re capable of success everywhere else. The voice of self-doubt in your head won’t be as loud. And your self-sabotaging tendencies like having limiting beliefs or irrational thinking won’t be so prominent because you have proof to suggest otherwise.

To get this all working for you, you need to invest in building that first first keystone habit. It will feel harder than it needs to be, your brain will try to convince you that it’s not important or doing anything for you, but all of that suggests that it’s working. Then through consistency and dependability you’ll break through those barriers and unlock a whole new level of possibility for yourself.

My keystone habit is my nightly behavior tracking routine. It is something that I do every night with very few exceptions. Within it I see how I spent my time during the day, review my energy and sleep, note progress on my goals, and audit life systems. But it didn't start there. It all started with the simple act of getting in the habit of checking in with myself every day. It helped install the habit of self-discipline, which has grown to become the strongest character traits about me and it has supported me for years.

This is a tangible, real, immediate step you can take to change your life. And if you’re interested to get the exact same keynote habit that I use working for you, then I’m inviting you to join the private group I’ve put together. It’s free and you’ll need to earn your place in it, but when you join I will help you live more intentionally with better habits, rock-solid systems, and more balance. If you’re ready to look back at the end of 2022 and be proud of the person you’ve become, and everything you've accomplished, you can get started here.

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