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May 22, 2020

A Caged, Comfortable, and Charged Life

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A listener and buddy of mine, Derek, sent me this thought which is covered in Brendon Burchard’s book, “The Charge - Activating 10 Human Drives that Make you feel alive”.

In it, he covers the 3 ways to live. First is the caged life. This is when you live in the past, are molded and limited by the expectations of others, and are tethered by yesterday’s results and complacent in what’s happening right now.

Then there’s the comfortable life, where you feel engaged and thankful for what you have, you find some meaning and mystery in what you do, and you use your voice to stand up for things you believe in.

And lastly, there’s the charged life. This is where you dream and wonder how you can actualize your potential. You live an inspired life that is inspiring others. You chase the things that are authentic to you, not anyone else, and pursue experiences that you find valuable. And you are hungry for ways to stretch your abilities.

All 3 of these lives are fully attainable, and you get what you ask for. So which one do you want to live?. 

A line in the book goes as follows: “For it is often the human condition to comply obediently at first, then to assert but still cooperate or compromise, then, finally, to discover choice, calling, maturity, and heightened drives for freedom, expression, and contribution”.

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