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March 21, 2022

30 Day Purpose Challenge

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Just like you I am always experimenting and trying new things on my own personal development journey. For example, I recently learned of a 30 day exercise created by Alex Banayan, the author of The Third Door. If you feel stuck in life, and you don’t know what your next steps are, or that you’ve been stagnant where you’re at for too long, then this challenge is for you. Will you join me?

Banayan calls it the 30 day purpose challenge and this is how it goes. Every day for 30 days straight, no exceptions and no missing a single day, you take 15 minutes to reflect on 3 questions. Those 3 questions are: What filled me with enthusiasm today? What drained me of energy today? What did I learn about myself today?

Again, every day for 30 days, you write down with a pen and paper your answer to those 3 questions. If you only have one sentence to write about each, fine, but you must sit there for the full 15 minutes. This is meant to be a free-flowing, unstructured stream of consciousness as you reflect.

The goal is to reflect without judgment, just share how things are, and don’t look back at any of your entries for 29 days. Then on the 30th day, you read through all of your responses and find the trends in your answers. At that point you answer 3 similar questions - What filled me with enthusiasm this month? What drained me of energy this month? And what did I learn about myself this month? The caveat here is you don’t answer in long form. You write one punchy headline for each of the 3 questions. That becomes your north star and a strong indicator for your life as it is right now, what you want to do more of, what you should do less of, and it presents it in a way where it can’t be ignored.

Again, if you want to get to the truth of how things are for you right now, and get a few ideas about where you want to go next, this challenge will be really good for you. That’s why I’m doing it!

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