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April 9, 2020

"Your next chapter is going to be amazing."

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“Your next chapter is going to be amazing”. It kinda feels like life is on pause. We’re counting down the days and doing our best to continue on as best as we can despite the circumstances. There’s no doubt that we’ll remember this time the rest of our lives. But that makes me think of a follow up question. How are we going to remember this time?

While the world around us seems to be stopped that doesn’t mean we have to. In fact, I think this is a really unique opportunity for us to invest in ourselves and our future. I believe, if we want to, we can remember this time as the catalyst that helped us focus up and commit to the person we know we’re capable of being.

This chapter is still being written but, let’s be honest, it’s going to be a pretty boring one. Stayed in doors, couldn’t travel, spent a lot of time on my laptop and phone. Nothing too compelling. So let’s start thinking about our future chapters and how we might be able to script that today.

By taking the right steps now, we can lay the framework to accelerate at the beginning of the next chapter. Imagine one of those toys where you wind it up a bunch of times and then release it, and it moves all over the place. That’s exactly what we can do today. Put your energy in the right places so that when these restrictions are lifted and life has normalized, you are wound up and ready to go!

Your next chapter is going to be amazing. But amazing doesn’t happen on it’s own. How are you going to respond?

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