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February 27, 2024

Your Infinite Potential

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Have you ever heard the idea that we each have an infinite potential? It’s kind of abstract, but today I want to show you mathematically how that’s possible.

What does it mean to be infinite? Infinite is never-ending. It represents a quantity that can’t be defined because it’s never achieved. And you probably don’t realize how many things we do in life that are infinite by definition. 

You could argue that love is infinite. Every time we put love and support into someone, it changes them. This influences their next interaction and translates over to the next person, and on and on. This is the ripple effect and the impacts of the love you share has impacts forever.

Every breath we take is infinite. Physically, the cadence and depth of our breathing offsets the air molecules in our space. These air molecules then go on to interact with other air molecules and influence every air particle on Earth infinitesimally. 

But most importantly, your potential is infinite. How? As long as you never stop improving, your growth is never complete. For every moment that you step into an area for improvement, as small as it might be, it means that there’s always more to become.

For something to be finite it means that it has limits or bounds. Our improvement has no limits and is restricted by no absolute bounds. This is the core idea of self-actualization, which states that we’re incapable of ever completely self-actualizing and therefore, we’re always pursuing a form of improvement.

Now having said that, there are certain things you can do to accelerate yourself in maximizing your potential. Just because we have an infinite potential does not mean that we get to see it. It’s available to us, and our self-growth work helps us discover more of our potential.

So as a place to start, if you’re dedicated to making the most out of life and seeing just what you’re capable of, the difference you can make in the world, the joy and fulfillment you can experience in life - it all starts with the fundamentals. The better you master the fundamentals, the more life, focus, and pace you have to fuel your growth. 

There are 9 fundamentals in your energy, productivity, and mindset that need to be dialed in to be your best. And further, each fundamental has a Super Habit that helps you make radical progress on it in just moments a day. These are the small daily actions that lead to over-sized, outstanding results. If you want to learn what the 9 Super Habits are and how to consistently implement them for yourself, click here! They will transform your life and help you tap into your fullest potential faster and easier than ever.

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