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June 29, 2022

You Will Fall Short

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I wanted to take some pressure off of you by sharing a bit about myself, and adding some perspective to personal development. I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to my habits and mastering my mindset. It’s very unlike me, but two days in a row last week I missed my morning meditation and journaling session. I broke my 50 day streak of consecutive days exercising. I experienced some setbacks and even though I’ve trained my mind to be grateful in the face of failure, I sometimes have a hard time authentically believing it. And despite all of that, I do still see myself as one of the most disciplined people in the world.

The expectation for yourself should never be perfection. You will make mistakes. You will overlook or forget about things. You will have lapses in judgment and do things outside of your integrity. It’s human nature, but we’ve lost sight of that because we’ve been raised in a culture that condemns poor performance. In fact, and this might sound counterintuitive, you should not always hit the goals you set for yourself. Goals are a way of designing a certain pace into your life, and if you always achieve your goals then you might not be pushing yourself in ways that cause you to grow. Allow yourself to dream and give yourself a bright North Star to chase, but understand that it’s okay when you fall short of the things you’re accountable to.

While the expectation cannot be perfection, it absolutely must be that you’ll do your best. If you fall down 9 times you better get up 10, because the only way you can truly fail is by no longer trying. Yes, I missed two meditations in a row, but that doesn’t mean I stopped doing my morning routine altogether. I got back into the practice the next day. Yes, I broke my 50 day workout streak, but I got in the gym the next two days and pushed myself harder to make up for it so I could keep the momentum. 

You will fall short in life, that’s guaranteed, but what matters most is what do you do about it. Do you feel bad for yourself and do more damage, or do you respond in positive and empowering ways? Some days you’ll feel better than others, that’s a reality. But even if it’s small, doing something to get yourself back on track goes a long way in supporting you as you pursue the best version of yourself.

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