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September 29, 2022

"You are priceless."

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You know how we say all the time that “a memory is priceless” or ”that piece of advice is priceless”. I want to tell you… You are priceless!

The sentiment behind having priceless memories or advice is that there’s so much value in it. And while money is a really effective tool, it’s simply a currency that helps you access the value you’re searching for. So for something to be priceless means that it’s above the concept of money, and it’s a disservice to equate that thing with how much it costs.

Relating this back to you, a similar thing applies. Yes, we all do have a price in that we trade our time for money in our work. But this concept is so much beyond that. You are not defined by your work. The value you offer the world is not limited by how much you output. The typical relationship with compensation in a company is that you’re paid a certain amount to help the company  make money, which ideally is more than what they’re paying you. Of course your work could also create non-financial outcomes, but that’s seen through the lens of how well you solve a problem for someone else.

You are more than just what you’re paid to do to help others. You contribute way more to the world than what you get paid for. Your well-being matters. Your happiness and sense of fulfillment matters. The experiences you have and the moments you share with others matter. And it’s not fair to put a dollar amount on your existence in the world. You are priceless!

And on the flip-side, all of those things that make you who you are - Your dreams, your aspirations, your experiences, your happiness… It’s not for sale! You are worth so much more than that, you are blessed with freedom, and you do not have to give up all of that for a check. 

I’m not saying money isn’t important, of course it is. You must keep yourself alive and well. But no matter how rich or poor you are your life does not come down to how much money you have. Money is a tool to help you do everything else - Take care of a thriving family, have a budget to travel and adventure, create businesses or initiative that change the world. That’s what it’s really all about. Having the freedom and ability to really think that way, that’s you, and it’ priceless.

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