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January 11, 2021

You Already Know What You Need To Hear

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Today I’m going to challenge you a bit but trust me, it’s out of love. When it comes to your life, your circumstances, your situation, no one knows it like you do. Therefore, no one is more prepared to make a decision about your life than you are. The problem is we spend too much time waiting to be told what to do because we don’t trust our own ability to do the right thing. Well let me tell you this, you already know what you need to hear. You just aren’t doing it.

Your intuition is strong and it is there to guide you, you need to honor that. Like any normal person doubts and fear will creep in and try to paralyze you, and if you let it be successful it will stall your efforts and prevent you from getting where you need to go. That’s why it helps to take advice from a mentor or coach, because it provides some authority behind the action steps that need to be taken. This is helpful in getting you to step past your doubts and forces you to get uncomfortable in a necessary way. 

But ultimately, no one knows what that step is better than you. Yes, seek advice and understand how other people have done it in the past, but think for yourself in the way you apply those learnings in your life. You already know what you need to hear, you just need someone else to tell you to do it.

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