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April 2, 2019

Why Say Bless You?

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Say "bless you".  Originating in the medieval times, saying bless you when someone sneezes was a way to send positive thoughts and prayers to a person who may have picked up the plague. And while the plague is now long gone, I think the term plays a similar role in today’s society but we don’t often give it that same credit.

Saying bless you when someone sneezes does a few very interesting things. First, it means that you acknowledge someone else’s presence and chose to tell them that you care about their general well being. Imagine if we said that instead after someone sneezes, “I want the best for you”. That’s what you’re doing in a more socially acceptable way, but know that the message received is exactly that, so it generally makes a very positive impression.

But intrinsically, it’s a valuable thing to do to. By being the person who says bless you in different situations, and even for complete strangers, it means you are comfortable enough to put yourself out there to invite interaction. Living a life that encourages engagement and conversation is a fulfilling position to take, and a subtle “bless you” is your first step toward making that a bigger part of your life.

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