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August 3, 2023

“What we most enjoy is what’s best for us.”

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I wanted to share a perspective shifting quote that introduces a new approach to fulfillment. The quote is “What we most enjoy is what’s best for us, and what is best for us is what we most enjoy.”

In life we’re all chasing a richer, happier, more joyful, higher quality experience. We want to be present in the things around us and infuse a sense of purpose in everything we do. What this quote suggests is that we do not achieve that through pleasure and the senses. True, deep, authentic joy goes beyond that and into your being.

That’s exactly what this quote is telling us, but it does so in two parts:

Going a layer deeper into the first half of the quote, “What we most enjoy is what’s best for us”, this is really a statement of self-awareness. What’s best for you is different from everyone else, and knowing what you want is a requirement to finding joy because then you can go get it. It isn’t just about material things, this is lifestyle, quality of relationships, physical abilities, career and purpose, and other elements of your vision.

This takes us to the second part of the quote - “What is best for us is what we most enjoy.” While yes, we all have our own unique ways of finding joy, there are definitely recurring themes that apply for everyone. 

What’s best for us is taking care of our bodies and health so that we are physically capable of doing things and energetically ready to be a part of it.

What’s best for us is having full clarity on what we want in our career, in our relationships, and taking real action to make it so rather than just dream about it. 

What’s best for us is to see the positivity and possibility in the world around us, not the dread and despair that’s the reality of life.

So in order to put ourselves in a position to truly enjoy life, we must not neglect to do the fundamental things that are best for us. It requires action, discipline, commitment, and follow through.

Now if you feel like you’re not taking action as consistently as you’d like to, and you feel like your self-confidence, self-belief, and overall happiness is negatively affected by it, let me propose an idea of something you could do about it.

The Best Self Breakthrough Challenge helps you to install the core life-system and infrastructure that makes elite consistency permanent, even when you don’t feel like it, so that at the end of every day you feel proud of how you showed up. Imagine how much more enthusiasm and excitement you’d have for life when you start making undeniable progress and allow yourself to pursue your dreams with more confidence and conviction.

That’s what this Challenge will unlock for you. Click here to learn all about it and register for yourself - It’s a live challenge and it starts on Monday!

** And FYI if you already tried signing up but had website issues, I’ve got that all fixed now! **

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