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June 2, 2023

What To Do When You Don’t Have The Time

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Trust me I get it… Life is busier than ever. So many responsibilities, places to go, people to see, errands to complete, projects to keep up. It’s hard to imagine adding anything more to your plate because, where would it fit?

But with all of these things going on, I want you to ask yourself this - Is this the balance that you want in your life? 

The current level that things are at is the result of your current environment. The stress and strain are a product of the too many things you need to do. Your health and wellness isn’t where you want it because your self-care is the first thing to be deprioritized with so much going on. 

This is a real problem because there appears to be no end in sight as anything you add in would make things even more unsustainable. As to not offset this delicate balance, you choose not to make a change because you don’t want to inherit the unpredictable consequences of it, so you keep things right where they’re at and tolerate the chaos that is familiar to you.

But it’s exactly this cycle of thinking that keeps you where you’re at, reliving the same problems over and over again, and continuing to not have the time for everything you want to do. Further it’s your disinterest and fear to try anything new that guarantees that there’s no end in sight. It’s the way you’re waiting for things to settle down or be more convenient that will ensure it’ll never be the case. 

If you want to get a different result, you have to do something different. Plain and simple.

So if you want to create more stillness and peace in your life but you can’t because you don’t have the time for a morning routine with mindfulness… If you feel your good health slipping away and you want to reclaim it but you don’t have the time to exercise more and prepare healthy meals… If you want to have more simple, undistracted time with your friends and loved ones... You need to do something different.

And what I have put together is the most effective, most efficient, most valuable thing you can do that is different. It’s to install what I call your Self Improvement Operating System, the single tool you can use to truly improve every area of your life. And after the 21 Day Best Self Breakthrough Challenge, you’ll have it fully incorporated into your daily routine so that you can consistently make the time for the things and people that are most important to you, live with more consciousness and intentionality, and revitalize your self-discipline so that you can enforce a higher standard for yourself.

This challenge is 100% free and it only takes 5 minutes a day for 21 days to complete. This is the ‘something different’ that will cause everything to shift for the better in your life, and if you want to lock that in before you can talk yourself out of it, I encourage you to register for it right now, even if you’ve already done it. That’s the first-step to a new normal, and you can choose to take it right now registering for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge here.

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