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February 11, 2022

What's Easy To Do Is Easy Not To Do

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I need to give today’s thought credit to the incredible orator Jim Rohn. His philosophies are so simple yet cut straight to the heart of what he’s trying to inspire. One of his thoughts that I strongly agree with is “What is easy to do is easy not to do.”

In some cases making a decision is that easy, either we do it or we don’t. But what Jim Rohn brings such great attention to is that neither choice is all that hard to do, it’s just a matter of making the right choice. We know that lasting positive change requires consistency and it’s your choice to do the small things consistently that make all the difference. Having an extra glass of water, choosing the healthy snack, taking a 10 minute walk break in your work day, giving your partner a good night kiss, - It’s all easy to do. It takes very little effort and it’s probably something that you’d be happy you did when you do it. But it’s just as easy to ignore or skip it, because what difference does that small decision make anyway?

Rohn calls this idea of not prioritizing positive choices as neglect, and he warns you not to neglect doing what is easy to do. It’s the discipline required to constantly make small empowering decisions that will carry you to your goals, and neglecting to do those small tasks will put you on an entirely different trajectory.

So how do we turn our positive intentions into action, and consistently do what’s easy to do? Well you need to take the time to build systems of triggers, accountability, and contingencies that support your success. You need to change your environment so that it’s more conducive to doing the small positive behaviors you hope to do. Discipline isn’t all about will-power, it’s about having a comprehensive plan that supports your positive action taking. 

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