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March 15, 2022

What Is Mindset?

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There's a lot of talk about mindset and how we can use it to change the way we see things. It closely correlates with perspective, which is a huge opportunity for impacting our lives. Wayne Dyer said it best - “If you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at change.” So yes, that’s one of the positive outcomes of having the right mindset, but when you strip that away what is the make up of your mindset?

Your mindset is simply your patterned way of thinking. It’s the thought patterns you have both consciously and unconsciously. Consciously we can choose to see the world in a certain way and believe certain things to be true about the world. Take gratitude for example. If something happens in your life that causes issues or problems for you, let’s say your power goes out for the day, how do you relate with that? Instinctually and emotionally you’re frustrated, but consciously you can reframe things so that you choose to be grateful for about the situation. How is what’s happening meant to serve you? You intentionally change the way you relate with things, what you believe to be true about it. Ultimately that’s a conscious shift in mindset.

But then there’s also the unconscious beliefs you hold. These are the default thought patterns you engage in, the scripts that play out and influence what you do without your being aware of it. It’s very sneaky because it still feels like you’re making decisions for yourself, but those choices are through the lens of what your subconscious wants you to believe. This often leads to behaviors that protect us, that is the role of the subconscious after all. But through repetition and consistency you can actually install new mindsets that become authentic beliefs you hold about the world and therefore, become your default patterned ways of thinking.

That’s your mindset, and with that in mind I want to ask you a question - What do you want to believe to be true about yourself or the world?

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