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October 11, 2022

Value In Value Out

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The world around us is one big system. You can look as granular as an atom or the function of a single cell, or as big as the interactions of galaxies and solar systems, everything works as a connected network. It’s a universal quality that exists in all things. These systems involve processes that achieve certain ends and then there are other processes that restore things to how they were.

Take decomposition for example. We take in food, use the nutrients to support our bodies, and we expel what we don’t need. That contains the specific nutrients that make for good soil, supporting the growth of a plant that then produces the food we eat. It’s a cycle.

Slowing down this thought, let’s zoom in on the first half the cycle. There’s a relationship between the input and the output, and in our lives we overlook this relationship. If we want things to improve at the end, we can influence that by being intentional about what happens in the beginning. 

That’s where today’s thought becomes appropriate: Value in, value out. Everything you take in is part of what comes out. This means that if you want better outcomes and results, you should look at the inputs and see how they’re setting you up.

For example, your diet. When you eat good and quality foods, you’re preparing your body to perform at a higher level. We may not realize this on a daily basis, but we certainly do when we have bad inputs - like if you drank too much alcohol or ate a lot of junk food. Similarly with the content and information we consume. If we surround ourselves with ideas that are empowering and inspiring we’ll naturally be a part of more incredible things! But if you are caught up in gossip, drama, and unhealthy comparison online you’ll start creating more of that in your life.

My recommendation is to audit and track your inputs. If there’s a particular area of your life where you feel like you’re out of balance, or whatever you’re doing is not serving you, invest in becoming more aware of that thing. That way you can understand the what, when, how, and why of it, and you’ll be able to take corrective action on that awareness.

The full formula looks like this: Inputs + Process = Outputs. We spend so much time focusing on changing the process to change the outputs, but just as easily you can modify your inputs and see how things adjust for you.

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