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May 31, 2023

Upgrade Your Engine To Upgrade Your Life

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Alright, on Monday June 5th at 9am PT we’re starting another round of the 21 day Best Self Breakthrough Challenge and if you haven’t made the decision to sign up for it yet, I’ve written this article to show you the transformation you can expect when you do.

Many people on their personal development journey focus on acquiring more information. 

They buy that next self-improvement book hoping to find the one sentence in it that will unlock everything. 

They listen to another podcast episode to hear that new perspective that might shift theirs in a powerful way. 

They put in all of this time and effort into learning and it feels productive in the moment but at the end of the day it doesn’t change their outcomes nearly as much as they’d expect it to, and they wonder what they’re doing wrong…

Now don’t get me wrong, education is great! We need new ideas and insights that fuel our growth. But education is so easily accessible these days, and if you’ve been on your personal development journey for a while now, you probably already have more than enough of it.

You don’t need more information to change your life, what you need is a new system to better use all of the information you already have.

Let me demonstrate this by using the metaphor of a car. A car runs on an engine and that engine uses gas as fuel. You need gas to work the engine of course, but at a certain point the engine will work just the same no matter how much gas you have. 

Seeking more information in books, podcasts, and TedTalks is like filling up a car that already has a full tank. If you want the car to go faster, to be more fuel efficient, or to be more powerful, it has nothing to do with the fuel and everything to do with the engine.

That’s why you might feel like you’re not making progress or getting anywhere right now even though you’re investing so much time in your personal development. It’s because you’ve been stretching yourself to acquire more information (fuel) when what you actually need is to start getting new and better results by having a new and better system (engine).

Your self-improvement engine consists of the processes and tools you use to hold yourself accountable, to enforce boundaries, standards, and routines, to iterate your habits, to reflect on your performance in key areas on a daily basis, and to intentionally cultivate more self-awareness. 

If you don’t have anything of the sort in place then I promise you... You are on the brink of having a massive breakthrough!

And that’s where I want to invite you to join me in upgrading your engine over the course of 21 days in the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. Through this challenge I walk you step-by-step to install your Self Improvement Operating System, the single tool you can use to improve anything about your life and help you to reach new levels of self-discipline, consistency, performance, and productivity. And all it takes for this to become your new self improvement engine is just 5 minutes a day for 21 days.

Again, the challenge starts on Monday, and if you’re looking to breakthrough to the next tier of your potential, to get the results you’ve been working so hard for, I really hope you join me live in the first session. Click here to register for the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge, for free, today!

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