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November 17, 2020

Two-Way Thought Expression with Mark Divine

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I had a major realization when I spoke with Commander Mark Divine. We talked about how a thought is required for any external action to be taken, but I didn’t realize how thoughts are reflected and integrated internally by the subconscious. There’s a bidirectional effect to every thought we have that first interacts with our external environment, but also interfaces with our internal environment. 

Every thought takes two paths. One is how the thought turns into decisions and ultimately actions in your external world, and the other is how it validates or violates beliefs you have in your internal world. Beyond that, what I found interesting is how other people can influence your thoughts and play a role in this entire cascade. This is just another reminder to be really intentional about what you’re exposing yourself to, what you tolerate in your life, because you never know how it might be subconsciously influencing you.

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