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September 19, 2022

Two Great Gifts In Life

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As someone who is passionately on his own self-improvement journey, I have arrived at two really fundamental elements to how we experience a good life. It’s within these two elements I have discovered my own fun, excitement, fulfillment, and significance. And those two things are growth and choice.

We talk about achieving growth but less often we talk about what growth actually is. Growth is evolving toward the next version of yourself. It’s integrating new perspectives so that you see the world differently. It’s upgrading your beliefs and expectations about yourself and others. It’s developing skills and learning lessons that help you to make better decisions. 

Growth is something that you achieve by way of experience. It’s not just what happens to you, but how you relate with what happens to you and the shifts it causes. In that way it is closely connected to the idea of transformation. Transformation is simply that things used to be one way, then something changed, and now it’s different. Growth is the process that bridges the gap between how things were and how they are.

The second piece here is choice. Through the choices you make, you shape everything around you. Externally, you make decisions that put you in certain places and you do certain things, which then leads to the experiences you have. Even though many things can feel out of your control, and in the moment they are, everything hat happens is a byproduct of the choices you made that led you to that moment.

Your choices don’t only influence the events that happen around you, your choices also help you assign a meaning to the events. These are your internal choices. And that meaning then affects the way you feel, what you think, and ultimately the outcome of everything you’re experiencing.

Here’s the cool part about this - The choices you make are influenced by the growth you’ve experienced. The perspectives, beliefs, and standards you’ve grown to have provide a lens that you see your choices through. So if you want to consistently make better choices, which lead to better perceived outcomes and a more fulfilled life, you must prioritize your self-growth so that you apply your best self to the situations you encounter.

In summary, we have two great gifts in life - Growth and choice. Growth allows us to evolve and express a better version of ourselves through experience. Choices dictate the situations we find ourselves in, and the meaning we assign to those situations, which is influenced by the character we’ve invested in growing.

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