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April 14, 2023

Truth And Honesty

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I was part of a really profound call with a mentor of mine, Jim Bunch, where he very briefly talked about the difference between truth and honesty. As someone who is still slowly becoming aware of my truth, and working up the courage to live it more often, I found it particularly insightful.

The core theme of the lesson was related to truth and energy. Many people rationalize their way out of acknowledging their truth, or acting upon their truth, because they are afraid of the consequences. Having that tough conversation, changing jobs, leaving that relationship, or whatever it is you might need to do to express your truth comes at a cost.

The assumption is there will be a lot of damage control that will be very energetically demanding of you should you initiate it.

But here’s the thing. Hiding, restricting, and resisting your truth is exhausting. It involves constantly trying to convince yourself of that same old story, quieting down your intuition so that you feel safe, and squashing your soul’s nudges to make a change. 

This comes at an even bigger cost, and it’s even more energetically demanding than dealing with the fall out you’re trying to avoid.

Continuing on this conversation about energy, and taking a more metaphysical and spiritual approach, everything has a vibration to it. The single thing that vibrates the fastest, faster than sound and light, is the truth. It is the most powerful form of energy that when utilized can accelerate manifestation.

The truth is not negotiated. It’s a fact. It is undeniable and unrelenting. When you allow yourself to start living within your truth everything around you finds alignment and it all starts to flow. 

But many people, myself included, reject the truth… Why? It’s the fear of what it opens up, the uncertainty of how things would change, and the acknowledgment that you’ve been living a lie.

The best way to open this vessel (that is your truth) is to be honest. Honesty is an expression of the truth, a disclosure of the truth, to either yourself or others. Get more honest with yourself and you’ll start seeing thing for how they really are, and how they can be. Start being honest with others and you’ll start seeing the world shift around you!

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