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February 10, 2022

"Trust the timing in which things are happening."

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It’s hard to see just how everything is coming together for you. The pain, stress, and hardship of life is real and it can feel unfair. For some things there can’t possibly be an explanation that makes everything okay. But I’d like to provide a different, more empowering perspective that is centered on having faith in the process and that everything happens for a reason. While it’s easier to look back, observe, and have opinions on how things went, I think it’s equally as important (and generally more effective) to bring that philosophy into the present moment. That’s why today we’re building around the quote - “Trust the timing in which things are happening.”

It can feel as if things are going too fast or too slow, like they’re incomplete or ready too early, but things are happening exactly as they’re meant to. Like a seed that takes time to sprout, the processes around you are following their natural progression so that they can mature and activate at the right time.

Something I like to do to really practice this philosophy is to choose to surrender. I put my arms out wide and I say “Universe, thank you for taking care of me and giving me everything I need right when I need it.” And then I also have a casual conversation and say “Look, I’m not that smart. I can’t see all of the very clear signs you’re leaving for me. Please help me be more aware so I can be a part of helping everything come together.” And then I say “Thank you for being so patient and giving me so many chances.” 

This practice takes the pressure off me trying to force things to go how I think they should and reminds me that there’s more going on than I can see. With that perspective I’m less prone to judge or be frustrated about how life is unraveling because I am choosing to trust the process, and trust the timing in which things are happening.

To wrap this up I want you to reflect on a time when this was true for you - When was the last time things happened exactly as they should have, and you didn’t realize it until later?

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