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November 21, 2019

"There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy."

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Coming from my guy at Positive Thinking Only, the quote is ,“There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy”.

There’s something really interesting about life. We exist in it and have become acclimated to our surroundings. We count on the sun rising, every day we hear birds chirping, and at least once we catch a glimpse of someone’s smile.  These moments don’t stand out because they’re a given in our world and we became desensitized to it. Let’s take a step back and act like we don’t know anything.

The sun rises every morning. It's miraculous that there is something so brilliant in the sky that it lights up every particle of darkness, and it is so powerful that we feel it’s heat from 93 million miles away. The birds are chirping, which means that there is life. From two cells and an intricate process formed an animal that is interacting with its environment. Also, someone’s smile. While it might seem forced and uncomfortable, it is the product of a lifetime of experience, and was different than any other smile in any other moment.

I saw a really powerful video about a 60-year-old man, who lived his entire life color blind, but was given special glasses that let him see the world like we all do for the first time. He was overcome with joy and emotion to look at the very sights we see every day. I’m not asking you to see life as if it were your first time, but I am asking you to notice the beauty that is inherently around us. Appreciate the joy that is built into every moment, whether we notice it or not.

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