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June 6, 2024

"The truth always wins."

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We’re not perfect people. There are times when we act out of integrity of who we know we can be. Many of us may have past choices that we regret and histories that we’re not proud of.

If you feel like you’ve made some mistakes… You’re not alone. All of us can be better, and that’s the beautiful thing about self-improvement - All of us are getting better!

That’s why it’s critical that we all play a long game, and if there’s something I’ve learned about the long game it’s that “The truth always wins.”

But for many of us the truth has consequences, especially when we’re unwilling to accept what we know to the truth to be or we’re unwilling to take action on it. The truth needs to find other ways to be expressed. And these ways are often more disruptive and come with more damage because they had to overcome resistance.

For example, let’s say that someone has a secret or has been holding onto a lie. Instead of the truth being fully expressed voluntarily, it can eat away at your self-worth and integrity to find its outlet. If you’re constantly convincing yourself that you’re in the right relationship, or have the right job, even though deep down you know that’s not the case… It will drag you down and hold you back.

Your truth is your alignment. It’s your internal GPS that gives you feedback on where you’re headed, and it’s the wind at your back that will take you where you want to go.

Living your truth is a journey of self-awareness (knowing what it is) and self-acceptance (finding peace in who you are). And the best way to do that is to be brutally honest with yourself, find people you trust who can be honest with you, and lean in.

While you can deceive yourself for a lifetime, you can’t deceive your life. The truth always finds a way to win. It’s your choice to get the truth on your team or to keep competing against it.

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