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May 13, 2022

The Price Of World Class

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I think many of us look up to and admire people in the spotlight. Professional athletes, movie stars, music legends, millionaire entrepreneurs - There’s an appeal to these people and a fasciation around what they do because they do it at such a high level. It’s natural to feel jealous and to want to be like them, but before you uproot your life and commit to it there’s something very important to consider. There is a price to being world class. I’m not taking anything away from people who have accomplished something incredible, but I do want to clarify that what you see is not the full story.

To excel at something and operate at an elite level takes an absurd amount of sacrifice. The time required to perfect a craft can strain relationships. The attention you receive when you’re on a global stage can make you compromise on your priorities and values. You must consistently place yourself in the discomfort of doing challenging things that you don’t necessarily enjoy. It is brutal to be the best.

But the truth is anyone can do it. It’s within your power to make the choice to be world class at something. It’ll take a decade of intense focus and prioritization, but it's true when you hear "anything is possible". The question becomes - Is that what you want? Is there a part of you that so strongly desires self-mastery that you’ll run through anything to attain it? Are your dreams so important to you that it’s worth prioritizing over other people and opportunities and experiences? There’s no right answer, there’s only your answer.

Yes, being the best there is might seem cool when you’re watching the highlight reel, but when it comes to living in a way that achieves it, it may no longer be so appealing. And that’s okay because all you need to do is what’s right for you.

Now it’s time to ask you that tough question - How interested are you in being world class at something (knowing the price you pay to get there)?

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