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April 21, 2020

The One Constant In All of Your Relationships

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The one constant in all of your relationships is you. You are one-half of all of your relationships. So, guess what? If you have a certain thing that comes up in a lot of your relationships, it might be time to think about how you are part of that problem, and more importantly, what you can do to fix it.

But, let’s expand on that, and necessarily so, because we have many types of relationships. First thing we think about are relationships with people, but we also have relationships with things like money, power and influence. We have relationships with past experiences like achievements as well as trauma. We have relationships with our emotions, relationships with our issues, with just about everything! And that’s because our relationships simply are our understanding of how things work, and how we perceive ourselves to exist within that understanding. 

The opportunity here is, if we are a major part of our relationships, then it’s within our control to change them for the better. This requires self-awareness, and figuring out what energy you’re putting off and therefore what you’re attracting. Often, we find things happen in our lives, good and bad, with no explanation. I would argue that your energy attracts more of the same, and your default way of seeing things will change the energy you’re giving off. To me, this is reinforce and reaffirm positivity, optimism, and gratitude in my mind, so that it attracts more of the same. And in doing so, and changing your state, you change half of your relationship with everything else! 

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