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December 18, 2023

The Meta Habit

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People ask me this question all the time - “If I could have one single habit, that would most quickly, radically, and positively transform my life, what would it be?”

Before I answer, let's talk about what habits are. 

Habits are a patterned way of doing something. Our brain relies on habits so that we can effectively do things without dedicating our full attention or awareness to it. People want to be in really good habits because it allows them to consistently do the things that make them healthiest, happiest, most productive and most fulfilled with little effort. 

Now as it relates to the question about the one most transformative habit we could have in our lives, my answer is the ‘meta’ habit. 

For something to be ‘meta’ means that it has layers to it and it refers to itself. It’s like thinking about thinking or a wish to have more wishes.

That’s what the ‘meta’ habit is - It’s the one habit that leads to you successfully completing every other habit.

It’s also the habit that most people don’t have. We pour our energy into being the healthiest, happiest, most productive and achieving version of ourselves, and all of that becomes exponentially easier when we have the ‘meta’ habit.

What is the meta habit itself? Essentially, it’s having a structured process to reflect on your day. It’s your opportunity to measure your progress, prompt your awareness, complete other high-leverage routines, hold yourself accountable, and keep yourself more organized all-in-one.

Built into this process are the 9 Super Habits that most directly impact your well-being, but now instead of trying to do them one at a time, they come naturally as the byproduct of just one, single, meta habit.

It’s something that I’ve been doing for a decade and I can confidently say it is the single greatest contributor to the growth and success I’ve achieved in my life.

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