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November 30, 2022

The Key To Living Full, Inspiring Days

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As high-performing, ambitious achievers we really want to make our days count. There’s an unmatchable fulfillment to knowing that you made the most of your time, moved the needle on the things that were most important, had meaningful experiences, and didn’t neglect priorities. It’s a lifelong pursuit to master this and consistently tap into the balance that lights you up most.

The key to living full, inspiring days is the exact same advice for how to live a full, inspiring life. You just need to keep on chunking it down. A great life has great decades, which has great years, great months, great weeks, great days, great hours, great minutes, and finally great moments. The more present and engaged you can be doing the right things in the right moments, the richer and more full your life will feel.

Jenna Kutcher has an interesting perspective on this that she calls making minutes "fat". We are constantly vulnerable to getting distracted and pulled away from what we’re doing. This means that we’re constantly switching tasks and don’t allow ourselves to fully sink into the things that we’re doing. It also means that we’re occupying our time doing things that we’d rather not be doing, like endless scrolling on social media, giving a fraction of our focus to our work, or having our minds somewhere else when spending time with somebody we care about.

Full days are not just about keeping yourself busy. In fact being busy is a defense mechanism against the real problem, which is not being comfortable sitting with yourself and your thoughts. Instead we should pursue being active. Not just physically active, but emotionally and cognitively active. This involves a focus and attention to whatever is in front of us. It deepens our experience so that you're accessing more within it, whether that be benefits for you or results in the world. 

I liken this thought to my personal north star, which is intentional living. How do I immerse myself in doing the things that I want to do, that are most important for me, in as many moments as I can every day? It holds me accountable to putting my phone down, exercising when I don’t feel like it, courageously making that phone call, and being fully present. 

This is all easier said than done, I know, and that’s why it’s a lifelong intention. But you can get there by getting started, and that’s what I hope to help you with in the Best Self Breakthrough Challenge. If you need something to get you going and kickstart you into becoming the best version of yourself, this challenge is for you. And it launches tomorrow, Thursday December 1st, so this is your last chance to register. If you want to start feeling inspired and on fire about life, register for the challenge right now it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

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