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December 19, 2019

The Difference is Larger at the Top

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I wanted to dive into  making it to the top and the path that takes you there. What I hear and have come to understand is, the higher you go, the bigger the difference is.

Think of it like the Richter scale and how we measure earthquakes by assigning each earthquake a number 1-10. As the numbers get larger on the scale the earthquake gets more severe. But, it doesn’t stop there, it’s not a linear progression, each number actually grows in scale by a magnitude of 32. So, a level 8 earthquake isn’t twice as big as a level 4 earthquake, but it is 128 times as big! 

The same goes for accruing wealth. To become a millionaire you need to acquire $1000 1000 times. To be a billionaire you need to acquire $ 1 million one thousand times. That is exponentially more difficult.

I believe the same to be true about our skill-set, work performance, and personal growth. It’s relatively easy to get good at something, but then it requires a ton of work to become great at it. The gap you need to make up to reach the next magnitude or tier is larger than the work you’ve put in to date. This is probably why the individuals who have the most coaches are at the highest level. I’ve been blown away to learn about how many coaches people like Darren Hardy and Tony Robbins have. And an important part with that is patience. To make a major amount of progress, you need to be patient and trust that your are making your way in the right direction. 

The work doesn’t stop once you near the top. That’s where it is only beginning if you want to continue separating yourself from the pack, and you need to stay consistent and persistent as you continue along!

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