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August 23, 2023

The #1 Mistake That’s Keeping So Many People Stuck

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I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their self-improvement journeys, been in mine for a decade, been teaching about it for over half of that time, and I hear the same things come up again and again. 

In our personal development we all want similar things: To have better habits. To get more consistent with our routines. To be more productive, structured, and organized. To eliminate distractions and wasted time. To work through negative mindsets and conquer self-sabotage. To make healthier choices. To be more self-confident. To be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can be for the people and causes that depend on us. 

There are more but maybe you can relate with a few of those.

And in pursuit of that better, improved version of ourselves, I’ve found that many people are getting carried away being active in their self-growth without building the foundation they need to actually transform their health, time management, and relationships.

This is the #1 mistake keeping so many people stuck and it’s costing them energy, wasting their time, and causing them to doubt if they have what it takes to live the life of their dreams and reach their goals.

What does this look like?

It’s the compulsion to always want to be doing something productive.

It’s the constant itch to find that one insight or perspective that you think will activate that next level of growth.

It’s committing and recommitting over and over again to goals and intentions in a draining pattern of fits and starts.

And while all of this effort you’re putting into being a better version of yourself is great for your ego and feeling good about yourself, it doesn’t do much to actually drive results in your life.

It all comes down to the one truism and oversight that people have in their self-development, and once it’s corrected, it unlocks all of that latent potential that they know has been incubating for so long…

You can’t improve what you do not measure.

In order to improve anything about your life, you need to make sure that you actually know what’s working. You need daily feedback to understand how you’re actually doing. And you need a way to know when your performance is lacking so that you can be aware of the excuses, exceptions, conditions, or circumstances that caused it.

It’s with this understanding that all of the habits, routines, mindsets, efficiencies, systems, and optimizations you desire can be built on top of! That’s why I call the measurement system of daily behavior tracking your Keystone Habit. And I’ve got a whole philosophy built around it that I call “Upgrading Your Self-Improvement Operating System”.

If you want to install your new daily performance tracking system that serves as the foundation for improvement in every area of your life, join the 21 Day Super Habits Challenge and watch your health choices, daily productivity, and professional progress soar!

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