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September 13, 2022

That's Like Me!

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Something that I’ve found really beneficial is using the expression “That’s like me!” to acknowledge and bring presence to my performance. Basically, when I do certain things that are in alignment with my best-self (how I interpret a challenging circumstance, how I stay disciplined to taking action even when I don’t feel like it, or I do something else that’s enforcing my personal integrity) I whisper to myself “That’s like me!” to affirm that quality within myself.

Our behavior is the greatest proof of our identity. Who we are influences what we do, and in that way, what we do is the confirmation of who we are. It’s a feedback loop. But the impact of this feedback loop can be multiplied when you bring more consciousness to the behaviors you’re doing. That’s why saying a simple expression like “That’s like me!” can bring presence to how you act in integrity, highlighting the evidence for your subconscious mind to process it and integrate it. Now not only implicitly does your behavior leave an imprint on your identity, but now explicitly you’re magnifying the instance with your self-affirmation.

It's kind of like giving yourself a high five for a job well done but on a whole new level. At first it’s hard to do because it’s unnatural. You don’t think to do it. But when you set the intention, and you start doing it a few times when you encounter more obvious opportunities for it, slowly it becomes a more normal reflection and process. Like anything, if you commit to it as a practice you’ll experience compounding increases in performance over time.

But I’d be remiss to not mention the other side of it, which is when you act out of integrity. The times when you don’t follow through on a commitment, or you make excuses or exceptions, what happens then? Failing to take action or taking negative action also informs your identity. But you can override that with your own self-acknowledgement by saying “That’s not like me, needs work!”

In both cases, a short expression helps to shape the development of your identity so that it is in better alignment with the person you want to be. And incorporating this simple practice will accelerate that development and get your subconscious mind to start working for you.

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