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December 27, 2021

Take A Bet On Yourself

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If you’re feeling the momentum, inspiration, and possibility of significant positive change, then let’s leverage it and run with it. It’s time to take a bet on yourself!

When you place a bet on yourself it means that you’re invested in your success. It becomes what you’re rooting for and building toward, because you want to deliver on it. Whether it feels authentic or not, placing bets on yourself is like setting an intention. It plants desire in your subconscious and psychologically you start making adjustments to bring that intention into reality.

You’ve heard it before, but there is no better place to invest than in yourself. You are the safest investment you’ll ever make because despite all market fluctuations and changes around you, the relationship you have with yourself is a constant. There’s no more important relationship. So place that bet and be the empowering voice that cheers yourself on and believes the best will transpire for you.

What does it actually look like to take a bet on yourself? Well it’s about giving that quiet but empowering voice in your head reason to be a little louder. It’s taking action in ways that prove your worthiness, and expecting the best to come of it. For example, maybe you're hesitant to invest in a gym membership, or business coaching, because you don’t know that it’ll be worth it. Place the bet on yourself and prove yourself right. Yes, you can grow in areas you’ve had difficulty in the past! It’s about auditing your life and seeing the areas that aren’t where you want them to be, at work, in a relationship, or otherwise, and speaking your truth so that you can get what you want.

Your soul is calling for you to do certain things that you’ve repressed and shoved down for years, alongside your confidence. Placing a bet on yourself is your statement that you want things to change, and you believe they will, or else you wouldn't be investing in it. Trust me when I say this, things will flow into place and you will respond in incredible ways when you place a bet on yourself!

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