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February 28, 2019

Swish's Six Ethics of Life

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I came across a great post from a friend of mine that I wanted to share. The piece was written by Manu Goswami, aka Swish, who is a Top 20 under 20 entrepreneur, serial startup founder, keynote speaker, the list goes on. But this time, his insight struck me in a particularly interesting way. He shared 6 adages, and I want to break them down one at a time.

Before you pray, believe. This is an inherent part of faith is that you yourself have the confidence that it is possible, which is belief.

Before you speak, listen. Every conversation has a give and take, and in order to communicate what you want, you must know where the other person’s mind is at.

Before you spend, earn. Not just money, it can be time, emotion, anything. You must first be in a position to give before you do.

Before you write, think. It’s important to have structure in life to create what you set out to create. Take time to prepare before acting.

Before you quit, try. You can’t know what you think about something until you do it, and it’s only after you do it that you can understand it isn’t right for you.

And last, before you die, live. This is pretty self-explanatory, but we each should try to get the absolute most out of the time we spend here together.

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