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August 5, 2018

Stop Saying "What If"

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Let’s be honest, there are a million ways to talk yourself out of doing something. Messages like what if I mess up, or what if I do it wrong, or what if I don’t meet expectations? You can hear the self-doubt creeping in, but did you hear the common theme? 

Stop asking yourself, “What If”. There is a large degree of variability, probability, and inconsistency in everything we do, and if we are always worried about these little factors, we wouldn’t get anything done. By thinking about all of the "What If" scenarios, you are passively looking for a way out, and your brain to begins justifying why you shouldn’t do something before you have even thought about it.    

A different option, though, is if the script is flipped. "What If" can be used in a positive way, it’s just not as common. Say for example, what if I get the job? Or, what if she says yes when I ask her out? Approaching situations with an optimistic "What If" might be exactly what is needed!

But, let’s go back. What do we do when the negative "What Ifs" creep in? It’s pretty easy actually, just replace one word, switch up the order and Instead say “So What?”.  This expression still lets you think about the consequences built into whatever you are thinking about, but approaches it in a much more manageable way that isn’t setting yourself up for self-doubt. Next time you’re trying to talk yourself into something, or out of something, ask yourself “So What” instead of “What If”.

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