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October 10, 2018

"Stay patient and trust your journey."

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I’m as guilty as anyone else when it comes to wanting to see the product of my efforts immediately.  For me, it is very useful to get feedback and use it to make changes that lead to incremental improvement.  While that might be an effective technique, it doesn’t account for all forms of improvement. This quote is a reminder for us to reel things back and remember the big picture.  

There are so many things that can’t be measured on a daily basis, yet they are consistently adding at an imperceptible rate.  This concept is the topic of one of my favorite books, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy".  In the novel, Hardy talks about turning small decisions into micro-habits that prove their value over time in a drastic way.

To continue, when trusting the journey, we must have faith that these small imperceptible efforts accumulate into larger results that lead to justifying our efforts. So, using positivity to see these little, tedious, day to day moments as opportunities for growth will frame your efforts and help you feel more fulfilled in the way you are spending your time.

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