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December 28, 2021

Somewhere In Between

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We live in a polarizing world but the consequences of it are actually greater than you might think. Not only do people disagree on things and it affects relationships, but it pushes people to the far ends which isn’t really where they want to be. I think a main factor in this is the way the media has sensationalized everything to make the headline more captivating, and the link that much more clickable.

I’m here to tell you today that we often get exposed to the far-extremes of things, but what’s right for you is somewhere in between. The obvious example here is politics. You’re probably not completely left, right, up or down. You believe something in between. Same thing goes for your personal habits - You’re not the most irresponsible person in the world, nor are you the most disciplined. Your authentic you is somewhere in between.

It might feel off because being in between means you’re different from what you see, which could seem vulnerable and isolating. But that difference should be celebrated as uniqueness because we all operate in our own way, and have our own slice of goodness to offer the world.

The reality of a spectrum is that there’s always going to be more of this or less of that, and the very nature of that evaluation makes you draw comparisons, which often lead to judgment. But how can people judge what’s best for you if they don’t know who you are? They can’t, and similarly you can’t place much value in your judgment of them.

What’s important though, and the takeaway here, is you can make the effort to better know where you authentically stand on things: Instead of wondering if you’re lazy for sleeping in, or thinking you’re not healthy because you don’t work out as often as someone else, or labeling yourself in the context of those who make more or less money than you, I challenge you to authentically explore your needs, what you want, and where you land on these life spectrums. I can promise you this, I bet you fall somewhere in between, and that’s right where you should be!

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