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August 21, 2018

Skills Developed When Traveling Alone

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I recently did an article published by Addicted2Success.com, and I think the core concept is worth sharing here. The article is about independent travel, and how that experience translates to improved performance at work. While most of us have no plans to travel, the lessons presented in this article about being independent are more widely applicable, hope you enjoy!

The first lesson is about building relationships from nothing. Doing anything alone puts a strain on your social needs, and forces you to step out of your comfort zone, and is arguably the most difficult part of traveling alone.

The next lesson is about self awareness, which is fundamental to a healthy personal state, and has been getting the attention it deserves. Time on your own helps you realize exactly what you want to do for yourself, which is a valuable lesson, because it makes for a happier you.

Third, I talk about taking ownership for poor results. When acting independently, you can’t point the finger at anyone else, and having those moments of self-reflection where you realize that you are at fault is a powerful perspective to have.

To expound on that, you learn how to solve problems. Again, when there is no one to turn to and you find yourself in a situation, you and only you are capable of getting out of it. Taking pride in and solving your own problems is a huge asset in life.

And last, you learn to trust your gut. With this trust in your own impressions comes a confidence and poise that is extremely valuable in traveling, business, and relationships.  

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