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October 1, 2018

Sit Side By Side When Problem Solving

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Sit side by side when problem solving.

This simple trick works in a really interesting way.  First, this keeps people from sitting across the table from each other. That seating arrangement implies that it is one person against the other, and if there is a significant difference in opinion, then it is much more likely that each person will hold on tighter to their positions. By sitting side by side, both parties can direct their attention, and criticism, to the same place, like a presentation or a board. This helps everyone involved to put out their concerns so that a mutually agreed upon solution can be reached.  

You can encourage people to sit next to each other by preparing the room ahead of time. Pour glasses of water, set out writing material, or just set up the room to get people sitting next to each other. Obviously this gets more silly as the number of people increases, but try and make it happen in an appropriate way, and you’ll notice the conversation will be honest and beneficial.

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