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April 4, 2021

SISD #49 - Being A Misfit with Quentin Allums

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Topics Covered

  • Using Ego as an Entrepreneur - While making barely enough money to get by, Quentin's ego motivated him to value his creations and persist
  • Beating your Weaknesses - If the person you want to be is so much more important than the person you are today, flaws included, you’ll be committed to turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Being a Misfit - Everyone has a little bit of misfit inside of them, although not everyone feels completely safe expressing it
  • Creating Spaces - The environments you find yourself in prompt you to behave in a similar way

Highlight Quotes

  • “Sometimes you do need to cut out the negative energy, but sometimes we confuse negative people with those who are looking out for you.”
  • “I was just this dumb kid that didn’t really know who he was yet and I just saw a target and that’s what I worked on. It was me just knowing who I wanted to be to the world and trying to become that.”
  • “We are so wrapped up in what we’ve got going on, everyone’s got something going on. Just ask. People want to share, people want to talk about these things.”

About Quentin

Quentin got his start in 2017 making a name for himself by putting himself out there making videos on social media utilizing stories to build an audience. His journey has been far from easy, but now he is a well established entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster who identifies as a misfit and inspires other misfits to embrace what makes them strange and take a chance on what makes them unique. Moving on from starting his own marketing agency, Quentin is the head of marketing for Lewis Howes at School of Greatness.


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