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June 14, 2018

Simplify Your Life

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I am in progress right now with a big move and going through a major cleanse myself. I can relate to how difficult it is to get rid of certain things, but I can also attest to the great feeling a fresh start brings.  

So, take time to simplify your life. This comes most obviously in the form of material goods and excess possessions that you don’t really need, but it also comes in your approach to what you need. One of my favorite lines from Darius Rucker’s song "alright" where he sings, “I got all I need, and that’s alright by me”, really embodies this thought.  

But, what does simplifying your life actually do? First, it decreases your overall stimulation and allows you to live in the moment and enjoy things around you.  From a more physiological stand point, reducing over-stimulation can increase concentration, decrease stress levels, and help you sleep better.  

Simplify your life today by cleaning up a little and identifying the essentials. With current technology, nostalgic possessions can remain a part of your life forever if you take a picture of it before discarding it. Keep those memories in a tidy place on your computer where it does not overwhelm you. You will soon get over the sadness and realize that a weight has been lifted and you can better focus on the things you want to do

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