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May 7, 2019

Should You Care What Others Think About You?

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The question is: Should you care what others think about you?

If I’m being honest with myself, I do. I do care what others think about me. I definitely identify with living a lifestyle that other people respect and appreciate. But, having said that, I am going to present both sides of the case, but ultimately I’m most curious to know what you think!

First, I’ll present the opposite argument which is the assumption that you shouldn't care what other people think. Why should we live to meet others expectations? It’s a sad life if we can’t find fulfillment intrinsically, and you’ll never find true happiness if you don’t do things 100% for yourself. If anything, others’ expectations are suppressing our most natural state, right?

Okay fair, but let’s listen to the counter assumption,which is why should you care what others think about you? Well, for one, we live in a world full of people, it’s not just us and the planet. So, isn’t it important to understand our role in the ecosystem, and be sure that we are contributing in a generally positive way? Or, even looking at the individual, some people respond better to external accountability, and don’t necessarily even know what’s best for them. So, being open to others’ opinions and critique might actually present a path where they are better suited to succeed or find that eventual intrinsic joy.

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