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July 5, 2024

Sharing Is Service

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I’m not perfect at it, but something I try to carry into everything I do is to come from a place of service. I find that I’m at my best when I’m helpful and I’ve found life is most fulfilling when I’m contributing to the well-being of others.

Something that’s an obvious expression of service is sharing - Sharing your resources, sharing your time, sharing your network, sharing your experience. All of it makes a difference and helps the next person on their way.

But not mentioned in that list is sharing your challenges, obstacles, and setbacks. And typically what happens when you share what you’re struggling with is it creates value in two ways:

First is it gives someone else the chance to tap into the joy and fulfillment of being able to help. It’s hard to be helpful if you don’t know how to help, and being vulnerable to bring up your shortcomings invites others to step in and support.

But also, when you share your challenges you create a setting for direct and relatable conversation that becomes more helpful for others. Especially in a group setting, when you speak and ask for help it could seem like it’s selfish.

And I get the argument because you’re asking for people’s time to help you with a problem you’re facing...

But just as significantly, you’re also bringing to light a topic that many people probably see themselves within. This means that they benefit because it gives an important conversation a voice and provides an example that they can personally relate with.

This is the classic example of ‘the question no one is asking’ even though it’s on everyone’s mind. It’s saying “I don’t understand” and asking for clarification on something that a lot of other people probably didn’t understand either.

There are direct ways to share what we have to offer the world with others, and I encourage you to keep doing them to maximize your impact and fulfillment, but perhaps a change in perspective will help you see that you’re also being of service when you’re getting help yourself.

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