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June 22, 2018

Self Talk

Listen Now:

Our brain and thought patterns are largely influenced by the way we feel and perceive things. For that reason, treating ourselves in a way that sets us up for success should be a priority. And we can do that by priming our brain to think a certain way simply by telling it how it feels. This is the concept of self talk.  

A great but a bit exaggerated example of this can be found in this viral video of a girl talking to herself in the mirror:  

Video 1

So, the tip is to use self-talk to your advantage, and that starts by knowing how. To create a positive setting, use affirmations in the first person. This is exactly what we just heard. But, when in a negative setting, it is more effective to dissociate a little from the message by talking in the third person. LeBron James handles a question when he decided to sign with a new team: 

Video 2

As you can probably tell, taking a step away from the situation makes internal thoughts feel a little more rational and controlled. This is something to give a try next time you start feeling overwhelmed.

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