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June 24, 2020

Science and Spirituality with Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

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I wanted to share this thought because it is so necessary and important to keep in mind as we continue to navigate new frontiers in this world. Former SISD guest Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, who has her Medical Degree had a well articulated thought on the differences between science and spirituality, with specific context to today’s environment.

"I was very interested at the time in science, and how science could maybe verify some of the spiritual teachings and experiences. I realized that science can go up to a point, but spirituality has a very different character to it. Science is very structured ,it is quite linear. It is all about observation and putting things into a structure that makes it standardized and repeatable. Spirituality is a much more experimental. It is much more creative. It has a flu character to it. So, that is a bit different. And we are living in uncertain time, and we are in a state of not knowing the answers and what is coming next. So, we have to open up to this new way of flowing a being".

There is a necessary element of surrendering and faith that is required to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you begin to acknowledge spirituality you can begin to see that the chaos is designed, the hardship is full of lessons, and you’re being prepared for your big breakthrough.

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