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May 3, 2023

Research Mode Vs Focus Mode

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Just like the weather, life seems to occur in seasons. Some times are easy, light, and bright, some times are dark, drury, and despairing. And because life exists in seasons, you can always count on it changing. Nothing is permanent and it’s not meant to be, things are always evolving and recalibrating. 

It’s important to be mindful of what season you’re in. To know what is happening around you, what’s required of you, and which version of yourself you need to be to match everything around you. If you try to force things to be a certain way, life gets a lot harder because you’re fighting against the flow. 

When you’re flexible to the things around you, you’ll find you do better. Similar to how Charles Darwin describes natural selection, it’s not the biggest, fastest, strongest, or toughest that survive, it’s the most adaptable

Outside of up and down seasons in life, there’s another contrast that deserves our attention. It’s the tradeoff between being in 'research mode' and 'focus mode'. Research mode is all about acquiring information, gathering perspective, and better understanding the landscape. Research informs the best path forward and support your effort in being more effective. It’s a very exploratory phase.

This contrasts with its opposite - focus mode. When it’s time to get real results, to really move the needle on things, you need to have a sharp plan of action. Focus mode is about committing to a strategy, trusting that it’s sound, and doubling down. The only way you can get maximal results is if you pursue with maximum focus. It takes courage to go all in on something but when you do, you’ll immediately see the difference.

So of these two seasons, which are you in? Are you seeing what’s out there and exploring your options? Or is it time to dial in and get real results?

The reason I ask is because a lot of people aren’t meeting their season appropriately. They want to start getting elite results but they still have disconnected processes. In other words they’re trying to live in focus mode but are operating out of research mode.

If you’re ready to flip that switch and enter focus mode, giving your full attention to the single thing that will accelerate your growth beyond what you thought was possible, I have an invitation for you...

Join me in a 21 day where I walk you through the 3 step process that takes people from stalled and plateauing in their self-growth to elite levels of consistency and performance. It’s time to take things to the next level, and when you register for the challenge (that starts on Monday) I’ll show you how!

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