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May 31, 2018

Reframing Negative Situations by Charlie Houpert

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This message was taken from Charlie Houpert's YouTube series, "Charisma on Command", where he talks about bringing more quality into your life by re-framing negative situations in a positive way.

"Another thing that is going to help train your positivity is re-framing ambiguous or negative situations in a positive light. Taking the glass half full approach. In conversation, it comes through in your attitude. If you get into the habit of re-framing things in a positive light, being funny comes much more easier. That creates comedic moments when the negativity of the situation is juxtaposed with your relentless positive spin. For an example watch here as Chris Pratt immediately assumes that what ever Steven Colbert says is a good thing even though it is not intended that way

Colbert: 'I am going to call the police if you do not get off my porch'

Pratt: 'Oh! Do it! Call the police because they have cars and we would be happy to service their cars too'

To cultivate this habit in your own life, practice when seemly negative things happen to you. So, if you lose your job, you now have a new opportunity and more time to spend with your community. If you stepped in mud, you just got a new pair of brown shoes. Practice re-framing negative situations in a positive light, even if it is just to yourself and, of course out loud to friends".

It is all a matter of perception. Using the way you see things changes the way they affect you.

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