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June 21, 2018

Pay It Forward

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Have you ever benefited from something somebody did out of the goodness in their heart? Afterwards, you tried to wrap your head around why they did it, how it brought value to them, and what their long term play was. Although it seems like there is no good reason for the gesture, oftentimes people do it for one simple to pay it forward.

The concept of pay it forward survives to keep a string of good karma going by serving other people without expectation. This can be done in response to someone else doing a good deed for you, or it could be done out of gratitude.  

So, try to pay it forward. It can be financial, by paying someone else’s toll or bus fare. It could be emotional, by taking the time to send a nice note to someone who could use a pick me up. Or chronological, by giving away your time to help someone through an issue they are having.

The benefits of paying it forward are associated with acquiring a broader understanding and appreciation for your life. By doing things for other people with nothing expected in return, your actions come from a place of sincerity that spurns self-reflection.  

Another thing to think about paying it forward is it's usually practiced by a superior, or someone in the position to offer value, to an inferior. This establishes a mentor-protege relationship that can be replicated in the future for generations, keeping the goodwill chain alive!

Try paying it forward sometime soon, either financially, emotionally, or with your time.

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