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February 4, 2022

Passion Is Created

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Many people want a more fulfilling and passionate life. From an existentialist approach many people wonder what it’s all for - "It’s not about counting the days but rather making the days count." We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to discover our passion so that we know the time we’re spending is meaningful, but passion is an elusive characteristic and misunderstood.

To be passionate is to feel with more intensity. As humans we’re really good at feeling, but sometimes our experience is only a fraction of what would be our fullest-expression. Logically we all want to express ourselves more and feel more connected to the moments we’re experiencing, but society tells us to limit the ways we show up as to encourage conformity. So there’s this interesting paradox to passion which is that we all desire it yet we don’t allow ourselves to pursue it.

Society has also taught us to be less patient. It seems like everything is available on demand at the tips of our fingers so when we can’t immediately access what we want we get frustrated about it. This is exactly what happens with our passion. We’re so accustomed to getting everything we want that when we don’t that we wonder what’s wrong with us, and we place an urgency on attaining it. But passion isn’t something you ask for or that’s handed to you, it’s something you go out and find. It takes initiative and exposure to new things.

So if you want to have more passion in your life, it’s on you. You’re the one that goes out and creates it. You’re in control of how you show up and you’re responsible for immersing yourself in environments that develop passion. And the best way to design the future is to recreate the past, so I’ll leave you this question: What was the last thing you were truly passionate about, and why did it make you feel that way?

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