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July 26, 2018

Park in the Back

Listen Now:

Park your car in the back of your parking lot. I have to admit, I got this one from my grandma, whose health and energy level prove the efficacy of the tip.

It turns out that we have a pretty big misunderstanding about exercise. As great as big workouts are for building muscle or endurance training, small acts of exercise throughout the day are just as important in more subtle ways. Our bodies are more naturally designed to be stimulated by exercise throughout the day, and parking in the back of a parking lot gives you the 2 minute walk your body craves to be functional. 

Considering that many of us drive cars everywhere we go, this simple decision could be enough to add 10 mini workouts to your day. With this micro-stimulation, your body experiences physiological benefits that improve your metabolism, decrease your blood pressure, and expel stress.

So try it today, or tomorrow, or whenever you have a few extra minutes when running an errand. Get that little walk in and note how it makes you feel. If you like it, give it another try. Just one more way to get on the road to being healthier

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