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November 3, 2020

Pain Is A Trigger For A Lesson

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This is a difficult topic to talk about it, but I want to add some perspective to it. It’s the idea of pain. Pain comes into our lives in so many way - Physical pain after some kind of trauma or chronic condition, emotional pain as people come and go in your life, and spiritual pain as you weave in and out of integrity through your actions and choices.

I don’t want to undermine any of the pain you feel or have felt in your life, but I do want to change the label we place on it and frame it in more of a constructive way. Pain is simply a biological way of getting our attention. It’s a message from our body to our brain that something is wrong and that we should change our behavior. If that’s the case, then is it a stretch to say that the primary purpose of pain is to teach us a lesson?

If we see pain as a trigger that brings our awareness to a lesson, then it provides an understandable purpose to the pain. Instead of giving yourself time and wishing the pain goes away you can be proactive about discovering how this pain is meant to serve you. In the discomfort and emotion of pain it is hard to think rationally and positively, but by setting the intention in advance you can work through pain in a more productive way.

If your heart is broken by a breakup, how is that pain signaling the self-growth you’re meant to experience? If you were let go from your job, or not hired for a dream position, how does the pain of disappointment encourage you to reflect on what you could have done differently? If you feel dejected about breaking your own trust what values did you violate and how can you prioritize them in the future?

Pain is a signal, and it’s up to us to perceive the signal. I believe pain is merely a trigger for a lesson that you need to learn in order to attain the fulfillment and satisfaction you seek.

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