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May 6, 2019

Online Co-working on Focusmate

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I want to introduce you to a resource I just learned about by way of habit formation expert, Nir Eyal.  

It’s called Focusmate, and basically, it helps you find a temporary online accountability partner. You log on to the website, become paired with a motivated stranger, share your action items for the working time period, and get to work! At the end, you tell them about how you did and go on your way.  

If you are working from home, have an important project to get done or list of online errands to take care of, then this could be an awesome solution. What it does first is it forces you to come up with a list of things to tackle in the next hour, because you will share that list with your Focusmate partner. When it comes time to get to work, you have a list of things to get through, so you have no shortage of things to do, as well as the external accountability of someone else who is going to ask you about your productivity. I imagine it makes for an awesome combination. So, if you’re a lone entrepreneur or looking for a bump in motivation for a few hours, definitely give Focusmate a try! 

But, accountability comes in so many different forms. For instance, there’s hour to hour motivational accountability, accountability to responsibilities and expectations, maybe from a boss, and accountability to a certain lifestyle or attaining personal growth.

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